Updating image do not switch off

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Log in to your Windows 10 PC with your Microsoft Account.This is a must as some services like this one depend on the Microsoft Account.Also, note that in default Cloudinary invalidates URLs which do not include the version component.If you wish to invalidate "versioned" URLs, you should enable 'Invalidate versioned URLs' in your account's Upload settings page.For more information: Another option you might want to consider is to add a unique suffix to the public ID with every re-upload.Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates for Windows Store apps.In the Settings, under App updates, you will see Update apps automatically.

For more information: We recommend to include the version component as part of the URL in order to bypass CDN cached version and to force the delivery of the newest image.It's also heavily integrated into Windows 10, including the new File Explorer, in an effort to make utilizing One Drive easier for you.But if you're not a fan of One Drive and its offerings, then One Drive can quickly become a nuisance.Now you just need to remove One Drive from File Explorer.To do so, you'll need to manipulate the Registry a bit.

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And the worst news is that Oracle (who has known about the zero-day vulnerabilities since April) doesn’t plan to issue a patch for the problem until October.