Php validating xml

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Php validating xml

La validation s'effectue bien si je remplace le "B" par un "b" dans "Bidouille" et plus concrêtement elle fonctionne par un passage complet en minuscule du texte de la balise xml (nodevalue).

Pour l'instant je ne trouve pas comment faire accepter les majuscules.

For suggestions on troubleshooting problems that may occur while using these features, see Troubleshooting XML Documents in Word.

For additional information and examples that describe or demonstrate the end-to-end process of working with XML documents in Microsoft Office Word 2003, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library.

The upside of using XMLReader over Dom Document is scalability.

XMLReader can handle very large files better than Dom Document.

But there are still a lot of systems using XML today and I can assure you that it would still be the case X years from now.

First, make sure that these extensions are enabled on PHP installation.

The above piece of code is actually easy to understand, the most important method here is the validate Feeds() method.

Paste here the XML of a SAML Message (Authn Request, SAML Response, Logout Request or Logout Response) or the metadata of a SAML entity and then check if it matches the schema.

For more information on the option settings used to configure the XML features in Word, see Understanding XML Options.

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Taking one of the more simple Companies House schemas, the one to get info about a company back from the gateway, Company Data Request (the full schema can be seen here), I constructed a sample string of XML to validate against the schema and went on to see what I needed to do from the Python side to execute the validation.

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