Mdt optimize the boot image updating process

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article I wrote on how to install and configure WDS, install and configure MDT 2013.

Now that we have installed and configured MDT 2013, lets see on how to import an operating system (Windows 8.1) image to the MDT Deployment Share we created, how to create a task sequence within MDT 2013 and finally we will look at how to configure WDS to respond to client PXE boot requests.

When the process is complete, the Surface device will be ready for use by the end user.

Select this option when you want to force the creation of new images.

Typically, this process takes less time than the check box to reduce the size of the boot images.

Over time, the process of adding and removing content (such as drivers, components, and packages) can increase the size of the Windows PE image.

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This option configures the Update Deployment Share Wizard to update existing versions of the image files.