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This may be why many studies show no benefit to taking multivitamins (although honestly, that’s more likely because pharmaceutical companies funded those studies…) In fact, much of the research shows an increased risk of mortality. Many multivitamins are made with fillers and additives which are poorly utilized by the body – to the extent some nursing homes call them “bedpan bullets”.

Even if they have the right amount of a nutrient on the label, very little may reach your cells.

The first group is those who shun all forms of supplementation because “it isn’t natural” or because “cavemen didn’t have supplements.” They often say, “I don’t need supplements because I get all my nutrients from food.”Supplements are a double edged sword. We won’t go into the full details here, but here are two reasons to choose targeted supplements over multivitamins: Most multivitamins have too much of some nutrients (like vitamin A or B6) and not enough of others (like magnesium).

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In this article, you’re going to get an overview of the problems with generic supplements, how to pick the right supplements, and the list of supplements almost everyone should be taking. In order to get enough of some vitamins and minerals, you would have to take far more than you should of others.

It is a common practice to use very small amounts of expensive nutrients, which allows manufacturers to still list them on the label.

Average consumers don’t notice there are meaningless amounts of some nutrients, and they only want to take one pill anyway.

There is no way to fit “a complete spectrum” of nutrients in one single pill.

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