Dbs 6 updating ports tree things to ask when dating

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Dbs 6 updating ports tree

Once the system is stable and performs as desired, you can create the target environment by moving a copy of the components and their configurations from the source environment, instead of redoing all the changes that were incorporated into the source environment.If you have an existing target environment, you can move any modifications of the source environment, such as customizations, to the target environment.

Optionally, the Plastic SCM server and integrations with 3rd party tools can be installed. Once the installation is completed, the installer asks if the server configuration wizard should be launched.

Disk usage largely depends on your repository size.

RAM and CPU depend on the concurrent load that the server needs to handle.

You can also use this approach for testing and rolling out upgrades.

This chapter includes the following topics: You can move Oracle Fusion Middleware components from a source environment to a target environment.

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This chapter describes how to move Oracle Fusion Middleware from a source environment, such as a test environment, to a target environment, such as a production environment.

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