Dating singer sewing table

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Dating singer sewing table

It has a recess which allows the 221 machine to fit flush with the table top, offering ample room for your sewing materials.A cover which matches the birch top takes the place of the machine, to provide a sturdy, smooth top table for a bridge game or general utility purposes.Where known, these codes are shown after the type of wood in the table below.For information regarding treadle stands, please CLICK HERE.

Since the beginning of sewing machines they have been mounted in a variety of wooden tables and cabinets, or into portable cases.

Over the years Singer have manufactured some memorable products, like the original featherweight, 201k and the first swing-needle machine which helped many a student and fashion enthusiast customise their clothing and home furnishings.

Today many of the vintage models are collectors items and very much sort after.

Singer sewing machines have the history, we have the knowledge.

It is impossible to compare Singer machines from the past to modern machines we offer today. Quality, Reliability and from our older team members, the Singer sewing machine has become even better value.

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This page is a guide to some of the Singer woodwork that has been produced over the years.

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