Dating for poor people

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I come from a low-middle class family which lives in an apartment. V, my onw car but I do still live with the folks in the apartment.The relationship I have with my GF is fairly new but from the info i've gathered she hasn;t really dated anybody "poor" before.Luxy ensures that only income verified members can access the App. The CEO of Luxy had been quoted saying "If you show up in a 20-year-old Corolla and request to meet at Burger King, you won't last very long on LUXY." This creates an air of exclusiveness which is often admired by the wealthy.Although the App is very similar to Tinder, there are many features of Luxy that make Tinder look very basic.

I don’t have the budget to eat out as often as I do on my current dating lifestyle.

The truth be told, I’m generally more attracted to financially struggling slobs who are blue-collar grease monkeys. You would definitely want to be at their side during a zombie apocalypse, as depicted in the popular TV series . See official rules » Am I attracted to poor men because of their utility, or could it be something else?

A lawyer can’t argue for our survival, and I don’t need a CPA to count zombies breaking down my front door. Yes, smash the brains of those encroaching zombies. Sharpen your job skills and enter for a chance to win the big prize!

She told me that "one day, when you are wealthy and successful, your generosity will turn things around." And she was right.

Even after graduating from MIT and earning a six-figure salary, I was still too shy to make my assets work to my advantage.

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