Craig ferguson dating sharon stone

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Craig ferguson dating sharon stone

This is her first appearance on the show, she appeared once more 2 month later, I don't have that interview.The video above exists nowhere else on youtube, so it's exclusive to this channel, enjoy!In a recent TV interview, he said: "I don't try to put a positive spin on things when I talk to guests or the audience"I think that's the reason I talk about my ex-wife on the show, or being a dad, or alcoholism.He also said he feels American and added: "I love this country and what it has done for me. I want to take the oath of allegiance on TV." Craig battled drink and drug problems in his 20s and initially struggled to make it in America."I didn't want it but I guess when it started to circle, you start to think, 'Are they going to ask me to do it?

Sharon is divorced from her third husband Phil Bronstein, with whom she adopted son Roan, now five."If I do anything for that amount of time, I can't, I just can't," Craig told Howard, explaining that he had grown bored with his television job.He said he didn't covet Dave's seat but expected to be considered for it.Craig Ferguson is impressionable and rather gentle, or at least that is the way he comes across.In random couple news, Sharon Stone is reportedly hooking up with late night funny man Craig Ferguson!

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TV’s Late Late Show host CRAIG FERGUSON and Basic Instinct 2 bombshell SHARON STONE are dating oh-so-discreetly!