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"Another downside to workplace relationships occurs when a love affair dissolves.

But such situations seldom are as rosy as these fictional tales make them out to be.

Workplace romance is tricky business—especially when it involves people at different levels on the org chart. the top dog) pining for someone on your payroll, it can get especially messy. The Google co-founder was widely criticized last year, when rumours swelled of his nascent relationship with a 20-something employee, marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg.

While most of the vitriol seemed, perversely, to be targeted at Rosenberg (whom some accused of being a “home wrecker” who was “sleeping her way to the top”), many questioned Brin’s professional ethics, too.

You start to think of reasons to include her in meetings she needn’t attend. Related: Should You Allow Your Employees to Date One Another?

In most basic, middle-school terms, you have a crush on one of your employees. Pop culture is filled with romanticized depictions of bosses (usually male) winning the hearts of subordinates (usually female).

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